Top 10 Apps of 2014

To ring off the new year, I wanted to support a great website and vision of Mai Chan and her team at Yapp Guru (which includes the Aubrey Klingensmith of Speechie Apps and Tanya Coyle of the Lexical Linguist, both smart and passionate women). If you haven’t checked out Yapp Guru, I encourage you to. It’s the “amazon” of apps for therapists. Apps are reviewed by experts, categorized, and voted on by not only by experts in the field, but by treating therapists, educators and parents. It’s a great place to learn about new tools to support your clients.  Yapp Guru is hosting a “linky party” with other expert app reviewers and bloggers to share great apps to use therapeutically. Here is my version of the 10 Best  Apps that have helped me and the people I work with this past year.


  1. Evernote: I’m like a broken record with this one…but seriously… it has changed my life. I use it to help organize my caseload within my private practice, share resources with others, take notes at conferences, even provide feedback for the graduate students I supervise. It’s amazing. See my review of it here.
  2. Heads Up: Great for adults and kids alike to work on prioritizing information, description, or even social engagement and interaction (for you in your personal life OR for your clients). See my review here.
  3. Between the Lines: A great app for social pragmatics from the brilliant team at Hamaguchi apps. Great for addressing  nonverbal communication including body language, tone of voice, figurative language, etc.
  4. Super Stretch Yoga: perfect for helping children who struggle with regulation. An adorable free app that provides video modeling of basic yoga poses. Ready my review here.
  5. Auditory Memory: a new app to me this year from Super Duper, but great for working on language processing and teaching compensatory strategies. It does require some set up on a computer including a login and password to save student profiles…however, once you get set up it’s a great tool to work on following directions in a hierarchical manner .
  6. Skitch: a great app to “spice” up worksheets and/or make your own visuals to support your therapy. It allows you to “write on” documents or images. A must have for educators. See SpeechTechie.com for great ideas for using Skitch.
  7. Articulation Station: I’ll be the first to say that articulation isn’t my favorite treatment area…however, this app makes me find some fun:) A go-to as a pediatric therapist, and one that all of my kids love. It allows me to share progress easily with parents as well.
  8. Motessori Crossword: This year I have had a lot of kiddos who need phonological awareness support. This app (in combination with the use of the Lively Letters Program that I love) has been a great tool. The movable sound alphabet and the interactive “reward” activities are awesome.
  9. Brain Pop and Brain Pop Junior : continue to be on my list of favorites this year. A great way to introduce curriculum concepts, work on vocabulary, auditory comprehension, etc.
  10. Marble Mixer: I think Jenna Rayburn at Speech Room News shared this one on one of her posts ages ago…and it continues to be a favorite of mine. I love apps that allow kids to share the iPad and use it collaboratively. This competative game helps teach kids a number of social skills from sharing space, to winning and losing. Kids love it.

Look forward to learning of others favorites of 2014. 

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