treasure kai

Treasure Kai

Title: Treasure Kai

Author: Karin Guinn Robertson

Description: An interactive book app OR available as a traditional book at but with interactive properties. A young boy, Kai, embarks on a adventure to find lost treasure.


  • Reading Comprehension
  • Inferencing/Prediction
  • Phonological Awareness-rhyming
  • Narrative

Reasons I like this book:
It reminds me of the “choose your own adventure” chapter book concept from my childhood. You get to choose how Kai finds the treasure.

Ideas for use:

  • Story is great for comprehension. The story allows you to be read to, or read yourself. Use the story for prediction questions (what might happen next?), “wh” questions, etc.
  • When a riddle (clue) is provided, see if students can make guesses/infer what it could be? Why do they think that? Where might Kai go? What will he need to do?
  • Play “I spy” with description questions when Kai is in the antique shop, his “secret hideaway.” Lots of objects. Focus on saliency- can they give you a clue with 2 important details about the object?
  • The clues to finding the treasure are in riddle form. Have students predict which rhyming word is coming. For an activity after the book, have them generate their own treasure story and write their own riddles that rhyme to give a clue.
  • Another good book to tie with “Braidy” through Mindwingconcepts. The “actions” that happen change order based on the route you choose. Have students retell.
  • Kai demonstrates great body language. Have students imitate/interpret.
  • There are some examples of figurative language in this story “shaking in his boots,” wearing his “birthday suit”- can lead to discussion or activity around figurative language
  • The website found here  ( has “fun fact videos” that would be great for further comprehension and more expository in nature. There are videos around the shipwreck that inspired the author, the concept of quicksand and more. Great to use as a follow up activity…and can likely tie to curriculum concepts in science, and social studies/history
  • The author also provides “reading strategies” tab on her site. The author was inspired by her children who were reluctant readers. She has tips and research here.

Disclaimer: reviewer was provided a promotion code for this app

Submitted by: Meghan G. Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

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