Book: Tuesday

Author: David Wiesner

Age: Elementary

Description: When the sun goes down on Tuesday, frogs are given the power to fly on their lily pads. They travel all over the town, in this book which is all but wordless.


  • reading body language
  • narrative language/ retelling
  • inferencing/ prediction
  • perspective taking

Why I love this book: The illustrations are amazing, and a fun story that kids love to retell. Lots of opportunity for language.

Ideas for Use:

  • Create thinking and speaking bubbles and have kiddos fill in what animals and characters are thinking. Discuss “why.” Focus on body language.
  • A great book for prediction. Where will the frogs fly next? Have them guess before moving to the next page.
  • Ask kids where they would fly if they could? Why? Great for the why/because sentence structure for oral or written language (e.g. I would fly through a zoo because I would want to get close to exotic animals.)
  • Have them create the next Tuesday. Where do the pigs fly?
  • A great story to have kids “retell” and use their own words. Encourage temporal markers, first, then, next, last
  • A great story for inferencing and higher level “why” questions. For example, “Why is there a police man looking at lily pads?” or  “Why isn’t the woman reacting to the frogs (“because she’s asleep, etc.).”

Submitted by: Meghan G. Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

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