Twitter Convert

I have a confession to make…I am a total twitter convert.  I originally thought twitter was for voyeurs.  Why would I want to hear famous peoples’ every thought shared with millions of “close friends” via tweets?  I like catching up on gossip by reading People magazine for 5 minutes at the grocery store but I didn’t want to be inundated with ’round the clock updates. 
Along came my young, talented colleague, Meghan, and my brilliant, hip colleague, Karen, with whom I joined forces to create the Social Adventures app.  When I came on board as the OT partner I was emphatic that my contribution would be only to add content and OT perspective.  I claimed I was too old and techno-delayed to get involved with twitter technology.  As I watched Karen and Meghan talk about people they met through twitter and as they shared research and therapy ideas gleaned from twitter, I became intrigued.  I relented and assumed the twitter handle airborneOT because jumping into technology was like flying off a cliff for me.  Slowly, as I followed people and retweeted interesting articles, I became addicted.  In my 25+ years as an OT, I feel more updated in my profession than I have since I left graduate school.  People tweet about scientific studies, evaluation tools, resources, therapeutic activities, heart-warming stories and painful stories, failed attempts and successes.  I learn from parents and clinicians from a variety of backgrounds all over the world.  It is awe-inspiring on many levels!  So, although I don’t actually tweet much, because it’s still a little intimidating, I DO read tweets and articles and retweet interesting stuff.  I am grateful to the world-wide twitter community for enriching my life.  This convert thanks you all!

Jill Perry, MHA, MS, OTR/L 

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