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We are honored to have been nominated by Jen Hatfield at Therapy and Learning Services. Thanks Jen for including us among so many wonderful blogs. We are thrilled! We are following through with the requirements to ensure our nomination. Here we go…

1. We have been following Jen’s blog for a while now, and follow her on twitter @speechladyJen (you should too:) She has lots of great information to share

2. Here in the link to the blog who nominated us: Therapy and Learning Services Blog

3. We have included the award image above

4. Here are 7 Random Facts about the 3 of us (from Meghan’s perspective):

  • We eat a lot of pizza when we get together to discuss blogs, ideas, therapy and apps. It’s always half peppers and onions, half pepperoni.
  • We are all dog lovers…of all sizes and kinds.
  • Karen used to work in oil fields in the south as a chemist before finding her passion in speech pathology. We are so thankful that she made the change:)
  • Jill has the most contagious laugh you’ll ever hear. You can’t help but laugh with her (not at her:) when you hear it:)
  • Meghan is a huge Buffalo Bills fan, which is tough for many reasons…but especially now living in New England.
  • We love that there are 3 of us blogging- three perspectives, voices and ideas…it keeps us fresh and hopefully interesting to read:)
  • We are all terrible on camera. When we have attempted to make videos…it’s rough (as you may have seen).  We really are more fun and exciting than we appear when being recorded! We are working on it….
5. Here are the 15 other blogs that we have nominated. They are fantastic….

6. We will contact the blogs that we nominated to inform them and spread the word:)

Thanks again to Jen for the nomination. We appreciate your support.


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