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Waking Up is Hard to Do

Title:   Waking Up Is Hard to Do

Author:   Music and Lyrics by Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield, Children’s Lyrics by Neil Sedaka, Illustrated by Daniel Miyares
Age:   Preschool, Early Elementary
Description:   A young alligator goes through his morning routine getting up and ready for school.  His engine is running low at first light but slowly improves as he participates in all the sensory and motor activities involved in a typical morning.  A CD is included that adds to the delightful lyrics and illustrations.
  • Sequencing
  • Routines
  • Activities of daily living
  • Arousal levels from low to high
  • Sensory input inherent in all morning activities (vision-morning light, auditory-alarm clock, movement-stretching, oral/tactile-brushing teeth, oral-breakfast, muscle sense-books and back pack)
  • Family
  • Social/friendship
  • Early narrative
  • Early prediction
  • Animal Vocabulary (jungle, zoo animals)

Why I like this book:  Catchy tune, fun lyrics, and bright, beautiful illustrations make this book hard to put down… even for an adult.  There is so much to see on each page.

Ideas for use:

  • Many families describe mornings as very challenging.  Try reading this book to them in the evening in preparation for the following day.
  • Play the CD first thing in the morning and look at illustrations together to start the day.
  • Use the book and story to illustrate some activities that can help increase a low arousal state…to get the body engine running.
  • While looking at the book, have kids identify parts of each step in the routine that might help them get their own engines going in the morning.
  • Act out the story NOT in the morning to emphasize the steps and sequence of the routine.
  • Use the pictures to have the child retell the story. Encourage words like “first, next, after that, last, etc.”
  • A great book for description as the illustrations are gorgeous. Play “I spy” on each page
  • Lots of opportunity for “why” and prediction (i.e. why is he feeling blue? Why is the turtle missing the bus? After brushing teeth, what will he do next?, etc.)

Submitted by:  Jill Perry, MHA, MS, OTR/L and Meghan Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

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