“Love This App! – As a parent of a child with sensory integration issues, this app has been very helpful. My son participates in the facilitated Social Adventures Group on a weekly basis and this app reinforces all that he is learning. It also enables me to share the information with our family and teachers which is very helpful. I particularly like the catch phrases. The app would be great for any parent who is looking to help their child develop the skills to be a good friend and classmate. It is a treasure trove of resources that all families can benefit from. Highly recommended!” Jan 23, 2012 by Mommy Pig

Really, we are the ones so thankful for you and everything you’ve done to help our son feel (and be) so much more successful! In fact, right now, I am enjoying the sounds of a positive play date between he and a school friend.  This was not the case even a year ago where I needed to closely facilitate, and even then, eruptions seemed unavoidable … With SO MUCH thanks!” Dec, 2014 by Mom of a 7 year old

I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for us since February. I am not sure who has benefited more from the two of you, my son or me! You both are truly gifted teachers whose love for children and your work is evident in every thing that you do. My son has made such great progress since he started attending group. I also have a much better understanding how he “works” and how to help him through challenging situations.” Sept, 2014 by Mom of a 5 yr old.


“GREAT app for clinical professionals running social interaction groups. – First of all, I need to say that any reviews criticizing this app for not being “interactive” are completely missing the purpose of the app. Not every app needs to contain extensive interactivity, and this one, rather, fosters interaction among the kids we treat! The app is a great e-guide with detailed information on activities one could use to target social concepts using “catch phrases” (always great for carryover at home) within engaging communication activities for children. The app really uses the iPad well by providing an always-at-your-fingertips guide (organized very well by skill and even in a time-spanned program) and visually supportive cue cards you can pull up and display while running an activity and at any other convenient moment. No more…”where did I put that cue card?” I have worked with the population of children who need social thinking/skills training for 10 years and this app, though I have only scratched the surface of what it has to offer, has already provided me with a number of new activities that have helped my students connect socially within group, while teaching key generalizable skills such as using names, perspective taking, and introducing simple social narratives. Keep up the great work, all4mychild” Mar 2, 2012 by Sean Sweeney

“Social Skills Education In An App! – As a speech-language pathologist, I can say this app is invaluable. The creators have taken the ever-so-illusive social skills, boiled them down, organized them, and given you FANTASTIC activities to target each skill! Parents and educators will love it!” Feb 5, 2012 by Little Stories Kim

“This app is practical, easy to use and innovative! It offers easy to implement, creative, and fun ideas for therapists to use to lead social thinking groups for children with various profiles. It addresses skill areas such as sensory regulation, perspective taking, self-advocacy, negotiation, conversational management, teamwork and many more! I love that the ideas can be used to individualize with different groups in different ways. It’s not a “one size fits all” approach and recognizes the individual needs of different children. It also gives “catch phrases” and visuals to help with carry-over and practical tips for parents. It’s a must have for all pediatric SLPs!! Love this skills, boiled them down, organized them, and given you FANTASTIC activities to target each skill! Parents and educators will love it!” Oct 20, 2011 by Alexandra SLP NY, Co-Director, Dramatic Pragmatics Speech and Language Center


“Great for All Kids in the Classroom! – I’m an elementary classroom teacher and have found it necessary each year to address students’ communication/ social skills, regardless if they have a specific disability related to pragmatics or not. Many of the skills that Social Adventures addresses are exactly what some of my kiddos need. Skills like active listening/ sharing, perspective taking, reading nonverbal language, and understanding spatial/ body awareness are things that I have tried to address in the past, but may have done it more indirectly. What I like about The Social Adventures app is that it gives me direct, consistent language to help my students carry over these skills. The catch phrases and visuals are fantastic in helping students to grasp these concepts. I have noticed that an ideal time to work on these skills is during transitions or much need movement breaks. Finally, the activities that have to do with collaborating are great if you are trying to build a positive classroom environment. Social Adventures is very user friendly and should be considered for use for all kiddos who are just beginning their own social adventure!” Dec 15, 2011 by tallyho