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“Who’s in the Bag?” Game

Meghan, Jill and I recently attended ASHA 2012.  We had an awesome time meeting lots of incredible and creative therapists.  We were really excited to talk with people who already had our Bag Game app and to hear that they were using it with clients of all ages.  One woman told us she loves to use it with her adult patients because it is a fun way for them to engage with their loved ones while still addressing such goals as improving short term memory, verbal description, and auditory comprehension.  Lots of people spoke of using it with young children as well.

A New Social Activity is Born

And then a therapist came along and wanted to know if we had any apps for middle school kids.  We told her about the Bag Game.  She looked at it for a bit and then she had such a great idea for a spin on the game that we just had to try it in our groups!  She suggested playing “Who’s in the bag?” and hiding pictures of friends.  The goal of the activity would then be to learn about friends and perhaps discover some new things they had in common.

Experimenting Leads to Success

So this week, we played the game with one of our 5th grade groups.  This group is rather small, so first we played a quick round of hiding each other in the Bag.  We encouraged the kids to ask questions like, “does this person like Minecraft?  Wii games?  space?”, etc.  Then more questions like,  “does this person have siblings?  live in a particular town? play a particular sport?”, etc.  Once the kids got the hang of it, they started generating their own questions and also commenting when they had a similar interest or trait.

Expansion Idea

Pretty soon we had exhausted all of the kids in group, but they still wanted to play, so we added a twist.  We had them hide celebrities in the Bag (we got the images from Google).  This new twist required some more sophisticated skills.  The kids had to think about someone that most kids know, but someone who would still be tricky to guess.

A Companion App

As we were playing, one of the kids mentioned that this game was “a lot like the Akinator (the Genie) App, but in our game, the kids get to be the akinators instead of the app”.  At one point the kids got stuck when trying to think of good questions to ask, so we paused our Bag game and played a quick round of Akinator.  This app asks questions in a “yes/no” format and gave the kids some good ideas for new questions.  We then returned to our “Who’s in the Bag?” Game and had an absolute blast.

Although we don’t remember her name, we want to thank the creative SLP who thought of this idea.  We love it and so do the kids!!

Now it’s your turn to play “Who’s in the Bag?” with the Bag Game app

By Karen S Head, MS, CCC-SLP 

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  1. Pat
    Pat says:

    What a great idea! Sounds great for middle school kids but I think you guys (or the mystery SLP) just came up with a great game for passing the time during car rides for adults too!


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