Let’s embark on a Social Adventure

and encourage collaboration through play

All4mychild is no longer offering group or individual therapy, but our apps are still available on the App Store and will continue to be updated. These apps empower young children by helping them develop effective social, communication and self-regulation skills. Centered around the IMAGINE Social Success and Social Adventure apps, our apps provide clinicians, teachers and parents with a tool to assess social communication abilities and an activity resource guide which correlates with the IMAGINE Assessment. Our other apps can be used to support many of those activities.  We believe that childhood should be fun and that fostering collaboration through play will equip children with the skills necessary to become effective learners, leaders and friends.

Meghan Graham

Meghan Graham

Jill Perry

Jill Perry

Karen Head

Karen Head


About Us

  • As speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists, we have developed our apps to be user-friendly and engaging for kids and adults alike.
  • We believe that technology is here to stay and that it can be a powerful tool to support interaction not just distraction
  • Like the kids, we love to learn through collaboration and play

About Social Adventures

Attention to social development and anti-bullying campaigns have become priorities in schools throughout the country and the world.  In order to address this critical need, we have developed Social Adventures.  This program is based upon the IMAGINE! Social Success Framework and consists of a suite of iOS applications that provide the user with an assessment tool, an intervention guide and a variety of tools to support social learning.  All of these are based upon a dynamic, play-based approach to teaching social skills that has been proven to work throughout our more than 15 years of professional practice.

Click image above for more information about our suite of social development apps.

We designed our apps for:


Our groups, suite of apps, and activity ideas can help parents facilitate successful play dates, sibling interactions and neighborhood friendships.


Although teachers are under pressure to meet rigorous academic standards, they recognize the need to address social and emotional concerns of their students. Our programs and inservice training can help.


The Social Adventures program has been used in practice successfully for nearly 15 year and we’re confident our groups and apps could help your children as well.

Social Adventures
IMAGINE Checklist
Bag Game
Talking Train
Fun Timer