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As therapists, we constantly use literature to support various concepts. In our clinic we constantly find ourselves asking each other, “Do you have a good book for X?” or parents asking us “What would be some good books to read to help our child?” We started to imagine a central resource with book reviews that detail how they could be used, and the result is this: a forum that provides an opportunity for clinicians, educators and parents to share books that they use, “how” they use them, and what makes the book wonderful for helping our children.

medal lion

The Lion and the Mouse

Title: The Lion and the Mouse Author: Aesop’s Fable Age: preschool, early elementary Description: A familiar story about helping one another in surprising ways Goals/Concepts: Helping others Prediction Perspective Taking Not being a bully Dramatic Play Why I like this book: It’s a great story about not picking on people weaker than you and a reminder that little ones, […]

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More Than Enough: A Passover Story

Title: More Than Enough Author: April Halprin Wayland Illustrator: Katie Kath Age: preschool Description:   A beautifully illustrated story of Passover and the rescue of a special friend. Goals/Concepts:  Passover vocabulary and concepts Holiday traditions Sequencing Early Prediction Why I like this book: The story and illustrations provide a simple, though elegant description of Passover while […]

Rosies Walk Cover

Rosie’s Walk

Title: Rosie’s Walk Author: Pat Hutchins Age: Preschool, Early Elementary Description: Rosie the hen goes for a walk around the farm. Little does she know that there is a fox following her. Goals/Concepts: Early narrative Simple sequencing Farm vocabulary Basic concepts/prepositions (around, over, under, etc.) Early perspective taking Early prediction (Will the fox get Rosie? […]

The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza)

Title: The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) Author: Philemon Sturges Age: preschool, early elementary Description: A fun modern twist on the classic story of the Little Red Hen with an unexpected ending. Goals/Concepts: Categorization Sequencing Prediction Perspective Taking Helping others Dramatic Play Why I like this book: The story is familiar so kids think […]

fireman small

Fireman Small

Title: Fireman Small Author: Wong Herbert Yee Age: preschool, early elementary Description: One tiny firefighter works hard all day to help his friends when they are in trouble. Goals/Concepts: Rhyming Auditory Memory Sequencing Prediction Perspective Taking Helping others Dramatic Play Why I like this book: The catchy rhyme in this book grabs kids’ attention and […]

mr bounce

Mr. Bounce

Title:   Mr. Bounce (Mr. Men and Little Miss) Author:  Roger Hargreaves Age:  preschool, elementary school Description:  One of the “Mr. Books” that outright speaks to those overly active, well-meaning, but tough-to-manage kids. Goals/Concepts: Self-regulation Body awareness Motor planning Perspective taking Good intentions Understanding consequences of actions Accepting help from an adult Why I like […]


A Tale of Two Beasts

Title: A Tale of Two Beasts Author: Fiona Roberton Description: A little girl rescues a strange beast (a squirrel) in the woods and brings him home to take care of him. The “beast” is not happy and escapes, and tells his own version of events. The book is broken up into 2 short stories to illustrate these […]


Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day

Title: Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day Author: Book:  Alyssa Satin Capucilli , eBook: Zuuka, Inc Description: It’s Valentine’s Day and Biscuit and his friend spread the love… Goals/ objectives: “w” and “f” sounds animal sounds early sequencing turn-taking in conversation OT goal:  figure-ground perception OT goal: craft project to go along “wondering” vs “knowing” Why I like this story: It’s Biscuit! […]

feelings book

A Little Book About Feelings

Title:   A Little Book About Feelings From: “Ruby’s Studio:  The Feelings Show” Description:  This adorable little eBook offers a nice description of feelings and what happens when we express them. Goals: Identify a variety of feelings Identify ways to express feelings – words, facial expressions and body language Describe how various feelings manifest in […]


The Biggest Valentine Ever

Title: The Biggest Valentine Ever Author: Steve Kroll Age: School Age Description: Two friends from class decide to make a valentine for their teacher together. Working together proves to be quite challenging…   What I like about this book: It’s a cute thematic story for Valentine’s Day with a social focus. Goals: Pragmatics/Social Language “Wh” Questions Narrative/Story […]